11 Years of blogging - What have I learned?

I wrote my first blog post 11 years ago today. That is a lifetime ago in tech years! And I've gone on to write 1,413 more posts since then.

What have I done right?
What have I done wrong?
What can we learn from 11 years of writing?

image credit - flickr william warby


I'm going to grade myself in the areas that I talk about as being the most important for long term success:

1.) Consistency - long-term success is built on being there, day after day, for years.

PASS. I've done very well in this regard. I've written one post every 2.84 days on average. In reality there have been months where I've posted every day and others where I skipped an entire month. But overall I've produced a reasonable amount of content, quarter after quarter, for 11 years.

2.) Constancy of Purpose - more than just 'being there', everyone who has spent time with you should know what you're all about.

PASS. I've done well here, too. Across all topics, my message for 11 years has been something along the lines of "treat people right", "build gradually", "continuous improvement", "small changes over time become big changes", etc.

I'll give myself a passing grade on the first two.

3.) Laser Focus - similar to but different from Constancy of Purpose; success comes from driving the energy of your purpose forward with single-minded intensity.

FAIL, miserably. I have scattered my 1400+ posts across 10 different blogs covering 6 different topics. Even my primary real estate blog went through 4 different locations, 3 different url addresses, and 3 different platforms.

While I'm proud of what I have accomplished over the years, and my writing has generated income, I can only imagine what my audience-reach would be if I had spent 11 years fully engaged and laser focused on a single topic. After having written 1414 posts in the same topic and location, I would probably have a significant voice in that field.

Oh well, I can't change the past. Another day's improvement starts now. So does the next 11 years.

I hope you're giving your own business the consistency, constancy of purpose, and laser focus it deserves...

- Chris Butterworth