Is 8DollarFarming available in my area?

Since the internet is world wide, and real estate is local, I thought it made sense to take a look at the specifics of my 8DollarFarming email newsletter to determine the area(s) where it would work most effectively.

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Most newsletter topics are geared towards things a homeowner can do to make his/her home better. Topics include ideas and tips for: cleaning, decorating, maintenance, storage solutions, landscaping, energy conservation, and more.

Newsletters may also cover a broader range of topics, and explore market statistics, interest rates and/or the economy in general, strategies for owning investment property, or just about anything else. This is especially true for the second newsletter of the month, which will compliment the first newsletter and show your clients you have a greater understanding than simply how to stage a home for a quick sale.

All that being said, some locations work better than others.

(updated 03/17)

Phoenix & the Greater Phoenix Area

- these newsletters are written specifically for this area. You get the full benefit from 8DollarFarming and can sign up without hesitation.

Other hot, desert-style areas (Tucson, Las Vegas, New Mexico, West Texas, Southern California (especially areas like Riverside County and the Inland Empire)

Most newsletters will work perfectly for you. Anything referencing making your home better, or protecting your home from the heat, or tips for swimming pool maintenance, or even national real estate statistics. However, once in awhile I will pull market stats from the Phoenix-area MLS, which might feel out of context for your reader. You can sign up, but understand that you'll have about an 80% effectiveness.

Other areas of the country

The further away you are from Phoenix, and Phoenix's climate, the less effective these newsletters will become. For example, I don't currently write about snow removal, winterizing the house, hurricane preparedness, etc. You may still decide to sign up, but it's probably not a perfect match.

If you live outside the Greater Phoenix area and would like a dedicated newsletter specific to your city, please let me know! I would love to expand into other cities, and obviously the city(ies) with the most interest make the most sense.

Questions, or want to discuss this in more detail? Give me a call or email anytime.

- Chris Butterworth