a good Support Team

Image Credit - flickr Lenz


It takes a good support team to reach the top.

Being the best isn't something you can do on your own - you need help (whether hired or not), and your help needs to be good, too.

  • Family Support - for those evening and weekend appointments, or phone calls that you feel compelled to answer during dinnertime.
  • Administrative Support - whether your office provides this service, or you pay for it out of pocket, your processing staff needs to be fast, friendly, and accurate.
  • Guidance and Directional Support - can you call your broker or manager to get timely help with a tricky situation?
  • Affiliated Services Support - do you have a long list of high-quality contractors (handyman, painter, flooring, pool repair, etc.) you can refer your clients to, knowing they will make you look good in return?

You can't expect a good support team, alone, to get you to the top, but you won't reach the top without one!

- Chris Butterworth