Great customer service - Slidebelts wins loyalty

Excessive. Obsessive. Fanatical. Relentless. Over-the-top. Hyper-dedicated. Like a police force using a Lamborghini to catch speeders. You can create awesome results when you apply these traits to customer service.

Image Credit - flickr mubarak fahad


I received a couple of Slidebelts as a birthday gift this year, and I love them.

Belts are one of those things I don't think much about, until they start to wear out, or when I'm in-between hole-sizes and they don't fit comfortably anymore - and then I find myself looking at them in every store I walk into. But it's hard to find a good belt - they're either too casual, or too flimsy, too fancy, too expensive, too cheaply made, or for whatever other reason I end up not buying one. Until my old one forces my hand by eventually falling apart.

Anyway, Slidebelts - back to the story at hand.

I've been wearing my new Slidebelts for a couple months now, and I have to say I like 'em. Good quality, solid design, and innovative functionality (who knew a belt needed this?) They aren't cheap, but they aren't outrageous either.

One day last week, my new belt didn't work right. That innovative functionality thing wasn't functioning properly, which rendered the belt close to useless. I was disappointed and frustrated, so I found a customer service phone number on their website and gave them a call.

It took me 30 seconds to reach a customer service rep, 30 seconds to explain what was happening, and 30 seconds for the rep to tell me he was sending me a replacement belt, along with a prepaid shipping label to return my defective belt back to him once the new one arrived. Two days later I had a brand new belt, along with a handwritten note apologizing for the inconvenience.

That's it. Done. End of story.

No hoops to jump through. No trying to lay blame elsewhere. No shenanigans. Just over-the-top, super-quick customer service.

Based on the look and feel of the belts, and the company's awesome customer service, I can't imagine I'll buy a belt anywhere else for a long time to come.

Is this how your clients feel about you?

- Chris Butterworth