the social media frenzy

There are so many social media channels, and so many different options for how to use them - it can sometimes feel chaotic.

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Do you have a plan for social media?

Do you post a lot about business? Your "real" friends think you're boring.

Do you never post about business? People forget what business you're in.

Do you post the same content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google +, Pinterest, and Tumblr? Your followers get tired of seeing your same information repeated over and over again.

Here's the problem:

Nobody cares much about the real estate market unless they're about to buy or sell, and then they care A LOT.

Interest rates don't affect their daily lives, unless they're preparing to buy or refinance; then they can't get enough market forecasting.

The problem is that people's interest in real estate is transitory, based on how soon a person will be part of a transaction. It's not like an interest in sports, or fashion, or woodworking - these things hold a person's interest year-round.

Here's the math:

Let's assume you'll lose 15 transactions this year, you'll have 15 prospects who end up going another direction, and 15 more people who consider moving but end up staying put. That's 45 people who will get very interested in real estate at some point during the year.

Let's also assume you have about 330 online friends (see Realtor Population Density in Arizona.)

This means about 15% of your sphere of influence will be seeking out real estate information this year, leaving 85% who aren't really interested.

Your job is to find those 15% right when they start becoming interested (or even slightly before then!) without being so business-centric as to turn off the remaining 85% of your friends.

The Email Solution:

There are a few different ways to reach the right people at the right time, depending on how deep you are willing to dive into the online, social media frenzy.

My favorite method is to send a monthly email newsletter to my entire sphere of influence.

This allows me to share information with them about all things related to real estate - ideas for home maintenance and home improvement, market conditions and statistics, tips for buyers and sellers - anything is fair game.

By sending this information consistently, your contacts get to see you as an expert in the field; somebody they can trust, who knows what real estate is all about. This allows you to spend more of your social media time throughout the month posting about the "fun" stuff, and being a great friend to your friends.

Even Better:

If you don't love writing, or can't commit to writing every single month, or don't know what to write about - let me help you! My 8DollarFarming service will do it all for you - from concept, to writing, to publishing, to delivery - you won't have to lift a finger!

I love writing newsletters, and I'm pretty good at it. :)

- Chris Butterworth