I'll take the assist

I love sports, and have for as long as I can remember. All sports too - anything where one team (or individual) is trying to impose their will upon another.

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dropping dimes

I love how a competitive team environment encapsulates everything from life in general - physical attributes, practice and dedication, the mental side - being able and willing to learn, emotions (and how to harness them), overcoming obstacles and building on successes, short-term tactics and long-term strategy, maximizing strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and exploiting your opponents' mistakes.

And Teamwork. Lots and lots of teamwork.

Where I'm different from most people, though, is that I don't love the goal. I respect the goal. I realize that scoring is the desired result. I understand you can't win without scoring.

But I'll take the assist.

The assist is about sharing. It's about bringing the team together. It's sharing the wealth. Spreading the glory. Making the team more important than the individual.

Want to know what else? An assist, by definition, means that a goal has been scored. So there's that, too.

In Basketball: Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden are amazingly talented. Each can score from anywhere, at anytime, against any defender. But I have more fun watching Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Chris Paul. These guys make everyone else on their team better (which has the obvious byproduct of making the team, as a whole, better.)

If I was able to play in the NBA, I would much rather play on a team with one of those great distributors than the great scorers. And if I was able to be one of the all-time greats, you can bet I would be an assist leader.

(Maybe that's why I write and deliver e-newsletters for Realtors.. Still assisting!)

- Chris Butterworth