What your email address says about you - part 1

Part 1 - Local Part (the first part, before the @)

You're new to the business, and you want to create the perfect email address - one that lets everyone know what an awesome Realtor you are.

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Or you've been using the same email address since 1995, and figure there's no reason to change. After all, this one works great, and you don't want any of your contacts to not be able to reach you.

Stop right there. Take a breath, and take a look at your email address. What is it telling your contacts about you?

The first part of your email address is the part you get to pick - it says exactly what you want it to say. It's also the first impression some people get about you.

Here are the types of email addresses I see most often:

Your Name - names are the most common email addresses out there, and for good reason. A name is simple, and somewhat expected by the general public:

  • chris@
  • chrisb@
  • chrisbutterworth@
  • cbutterworth@

Name with Short Description - if you're using a large email provider, there might be other people with your name. In this case it isn't uncommon to add a short description with your name:

  • azchrisbutterworth@
  • chrisbutterworth2017@

Nicknames and Hobbies - can be acceptable, and even tell people a little bit about yourself, if they're done right. However, they also open the door for unintended consequences:

  • butterdad@ - not bad. It's a play on my last name and shows I have a family.
  • captainchris@ - was I in the military, or do I love boating? And how much do I think of myself that everyone else needs to call me captain? This could be a turn-off to some people out there.
  • loveazgolfing@ - ok, I get it. You love golfing and you live in Arizona - cute. But not everyone out there loves golfing; are you going to turn off a potential client because he thinks golf is boring? Also, a round of golf takes several hours - are you losing a potential client because he's worried you might be on the golf course instead of selling his house?
  • sellingazhousesfast@ - these types of emails lean into the "cheesy Realtor" category. I've never heard the general public say "my Realtor sells houses fast - I know this because his email address says so." But I've seen a number of people in the general public roll their eyes when they see an address like this.

Outdated, Confusing, and Unprofessional - it may be an email address that you like, or that you've had for awhile, but that doesn't mean it's a good address for your professional business use.

  • cutest88@ - you might have been the cutest awhile back; now you're pushing 30 and it's time to grow up and get your big-girl email address.
  • shadowplayer@ - what does this mean, and who are you?
  • crazygirl69@ - I don't care what year you were born; this is a terrible email address.

Your email address has a very important, yet very simple, job: it lets people contact you.

A good email address is short, easy to type, easy to remember, and gives others a simple description of yourself.

It shouldn't do your marketing, and it shouldn't be a remembrance of the good old days.

Always remember - you're a Realtor, at all times. You're willing, and able, to help people with the marketing and legal aspects of a several-hundred thousand dollar transaction. Choose an email address that's right for the job.

- Chris Butterworth


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