You have the time

I know you're busy. I get it.

Working long hours. Fighting traffic each way. Kids' obligations. Social obligations. After-hours emails. Cooking. Cleaning... Too much, too busy - not enough time!

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The thing is, you have the time.

What we have to ask instead is, "How important is it to you?" This thing that you don't have time for - how much does it really matter?

Let's take a look at a busy person's week:

There are 168 hours in a week. (7 Days in a week, and 24 Hours in a day)

If we work 50 hours a week and commute 45 minutes each way, 5 days a week, that's 57.5 hours accounted for.

If we sleep 8 hours a night, and spend a half hour each morning and each evening "getting ready for bed" or "waking up," that's 63 hours dedicated towards sleeping.

So, after getting ready for bed, sleeping, waking up, getting to work, working, and getting back home after work, we've used 120.5 hours, leaving us with 47.5 hours each week that we get to program - to use for whatever we deem most important.

47.5 hours, every single week, that we get to choose how to spend.

While you might be committed to Ashley's dancing and Connor's soccer (7 hours a week, between them), and it might be the case that cooking for your family is important to you (7 hours a week), That still leaves you with more than 33 hours per week.


After accounting for sleeping, getting ready, working, commuting, the kids' hobbies, and family dinners, there are still more than 33 hours each week that we get to choose what to do with!

I believe you when you say you're busy - that your life moves at breakneck speed.

But don't tell me you can't find 2-3 hours per week to exercise. Or a couple hours a week to learn a new language. Or a few hours to keep up with your blog.

You have the time. The question is, what are your priorities?

- Chris Butterworth