OPGS - Just Stand There

Sometimes I like to highlight Other People's Good Stuff (OPGS) - usually something I've read within the last week or so that made me stop and think, whether on-topic or off-the-rails completely, and I felt the need to share it with you.

Recently I read an email from Rob Hatch of Owner Media Group (his newsletter is worth signing up for!) titled "Just Stand There", where he talks about having the opportunity to unplug from his phone for a day.1

image credit - flickr clement127


You probably don't even realize how often you check your phone (I didn't either, but apparently they have an app to tell you the answer.) It's become so habitual that every minute of downtime - waiting in line, arriving early to an appointment, etc. - is met with a reach into our pockets for a glance at email or facebook.

Rob thinks this constant flow of information to our eyeballs is hampering our brain's ability to think freely, creatively, subconsciously.

Forget the old saying "Don't just stand there; do something."

The new saying should be "Don't do something; just stand there."

What would happen if we left our phones in our pocket? Probably more good than we would imagine...

- Chris Butterworth

1 Unfortunately I can't find a link to an email archive, so I'm linking to Rob's site and recommending his newsletter.