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There is so much good content available online that we can't possibly get to it all ourselves, so I'd like to share one of the best and/or most thought-provoking pieces I've seen recently:

From Seth Godin

Recumbent bicycles were banned from sanctioned bike races in 1934, because Charles Mochet, after designing a superior bicycle, chose a not-so-respected rider to set the world record while riding it. Today, 80 years later, we still don't see recumbents as "real" bicycles. (End Bikeism.)

image credit - flickr photoateller


Cars have two headlights because horse-drawn carriages had two lanterns - one on each side of the horse. It would be easy, and safer, to have one bar of light across the front of a car, but the status quo was set over a hundred years ago.

Sometimes the status quo doesn't make any sense, but no one understands why it is the way it is.

What are you doing (or not doing) with your business, just because that's the way it's always been done?

- Chris Butterworth

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