Availability is the best ability

I had an uncharacteristically rough month recently.

I caught the flu, then had Christmas week and all the distractions which go with that, immediately followed by a family vacation (the one we canceled in October when Anaheim was on fire!) Then, the day after we got back into town, I somehow got viral bronchitis; it was two more weeks before I finally felt normal and got back into the swing of things.

That's a full month of out-of-the-ordinary, and out-of-the-ordinary isn't good for productivity...

image credit - flickr chris zielecki


Yet, during that unproductive month, I was able to:

  • Get an offer accepted and open escrow for a new buyer-client.
  • Have a previously referred buyer-client open escrow on a new purchase.
  • Write and deliver my late-December and mid-January eNewsletters.
  • Publish 5 blog posts for 8DollarFarming.com
  • Publish 12 charts for simpleMLScharts.com
  • Enjoy a terrific Christmas holiday.
  • Enjoy an awesome family vacation.

It's not that I did great work last month, or even that I worked at full-speed. But I was able to work through a tough month; to be available, and to press forward.

And it led to a very successful month.

Many coaches and general managers at the pro-sports level say any athlete's best ability is avail-ability.

An athlete doesn't do the team any good if he's injured often or subject to multiple suspensions. The best of the best - the ones who are counted on game after game, year after year - are always available.

We all have bad days, bad weeks, and even bad months. The trick is to keep the process moving forward - to stay available - even if you're not moving full speed or doing your best-ever work.

- Chris Butterworth