Grow Your List, Grow your business!

Your customer service is superior - so much so that any of your former clients would be happy to work with you again and refer their friends and family to you.

And you send out your newsletter consistently, right? So all those friends and family members and former clients are thinking about you month after month.

Then the best way to increase your business is to grow your email list.

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Anyone you meet (and strike up a friendship-relationship with) should be added to your list. So the question then becomes:

"How can you meet more people?"

The best thing about that question is that anything (and everything) is fair game!

Get involved. Get a hobby. Join a club. Play a sport. Coach a sport. Sit on the HOA. Or the school's PTA. Volunteer for a charity. Or a school. Or a political party. Just get out there and explore your interests!

Be genuine.

Network about the things that matter to you, and discussions about real estate will come around organically. Then add the people you meet to your contact list.*

Dive Deep, or Cast Wide

Dive Deep: Long term, some people might stick with the same group/hobby for a decade or more. They become pillars of that community. They know everybody who's involved, or who has been involved over the years. Their reputation (and the amount of people they've met) help them convert many of their "new" contacts into clients.

Cast Wide: Other people might have multiple hobbies which interest them, so they change their groups & activities every couple of years. This can be equally effective, as they get to meet a whole new group of people each time they start a new activity, and their list grows consistently over the years.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Regardless of the who, what, and how you do it, growing your contact list (and then keeping in touch with everybody on that list, every month!) is a fun and effective way to increase your business.

- Chris Butterworth

*Note: I wouldn't join a new club and immediately add the club's entire database to my newsletter email list - that sounds too "spammy" to me. But I do subscribe to the theory that if I've met someone in person, and they would know who I am if I called (and would accept my phone call), then that person should be added to my list and should be receiving my monthly newsletters.



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