Make yourself as valuable as Amazon Prime

Last month I saw an Amazon charge hit my credit card for about $100.

My first thought was, "another Christmas present is on the way."

My second thought was, "wait, I haven't ordered anything in the last couple of days. Did somebody hack my Amazon account?"

Then I realized it was my annual charge for Amazon Prime, and I paid the charge with a smile on my face!

image credit - flickr william warby


How is it that I can pay money to Amazon for the privilege of shopping there, and I feel like I'm getting the better end of the deal? (Same thing with Costco, now that I think about it.)

And more importantly, what are you doing for your clients so they feel the same way about you?

When you get to the end of the transaction, and your clients see the commission amount paid to your office, are they going to think:

"Worth every penny and then some! She was two steps ahead of the game from start to finish."


"Wow - that's a lot of money for basically opening the door for us and sending a few documents. And we had to keep calling him to get questions answered."

If your clients think you're worth every penny, and then you keep in touch with them consistently for the next umpteen years, you'll have repeat clients and referral sources paying for your services year after year. (kind of like Amazon Prime!)

- Chris Butterworth