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There is so much incredible content available that we simply can't find it all on our own, so I like to share some of the best and/or more thought provoking things I've seen online recently.


AI Chatbot Fights Email Scammers

The concept is sound: email scammers send out millions of phishing emails (like bait), and then work hard to rip off the few who actually respond. If an AI chatbot can keep them busy answering questions, the bad guys can't respond to as many legitimate people.


If the youtube video doesn't embed properly, click the image below to view it in youtube directly:

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Click the image above to watch on YouTube..



Driver-less cars arrrive in Phoenix

Google's driver-less cars (now called Waymo) have hit the streets; Phoenix and the Southeast Valley are one of the few cities chosen to participate.

Personally, I can't wait. These cars are logging millions of miles on the road (and hundreds of millions of miles in simulation), with each car gaining the experience of every other cars' experiences. It won't be long before they are safer than the average human driver. Once they are, I will not only have less people texting while driving next to me, but I'll also be able to get productive work done while commuting - double bonus!


Swarming Drones for the Military

Think about a swarm of bees. No leader; no formation; no particular order - just thousands of insects flying in near proximity to each other, working together towards a common goal, and without any crashing.

Instead of attacking with a multi-million dollar aircraft, why not send in a swarm of a thousand miniature drones? The enemy might shoot a few out of the sky, but they won't get them all - and new inexpensive replacements can be easily added to the swarm. (here is another article on the topic.)

I first read about this concept from an economics & investing email; looks like some people see financial opportunities in the changing times.


Bill Gates invests in an Arizona "smart city"

It's becoming more and more apparent that, whenever we need to make a quantum leap forward, it's going to be done by private industry.

SpaceX is giving NASA a run for its money. Not mention the Hyperloop, Solar Roof Tiles, and Self-Driving Cars.

Next up may be a new Phoenix area suburb, built from the ground-up to take full advantage of technology.

Ready or not, technology is coming. Well, it's already here, but it's going to keep coming anyway..!

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- Chris Butterworth