Your Contacts - Your Clients

15 years ago there were a lot of Realtors competing for business, but there wasn’t that much competition for each transaction. When someone wanted to buy or sell a house, they called one of these people:

  1. The neighborhood specialist - the Realtor who farmed the neighborhood by sending out fliers, postcards, and newsletters to every house, every month.

  2. Their current agent - the Realtor who helped them buy their current house. (If that person did a good job, and if that person kept in contact over the years.) Or, the Realtor who is listing the house they’re standing in front of.

  3. Their neighbor’s agent - the Realtor who sold the neighbor’s house last year. (If that neighbor spoke highly of their agent, and if that agent met the neighbors and passed out business cards.)

  4. You - their good friend who’s a Realtor.

Maybe they even called all 4 of these people and held interviews for the job.

The point is, if you were good at your job AND stayed in touch with your sphere of influence, you had a very good chance of getting their business - almost every time.

Today is Different

Fast forward to today and our inter-connected, social-media, online, cloud-based world, and things are different.

Online onslaught

Your friends and contacts are being tempted to call the Realtor on their screen, hundreds of times during their search. And it gets worse, not better. Once Google and Facebook know they’re thinking about moving, they’ll start seeing even more ads and opportunities to click on a different Realtor every time they open their phone.

Keep your Contacts

You’ve networked well enough to have a decent number of contacts in your list, along with all the former clients you’ve helped buy and sell their homes. Now you get the advantage of “selling” to these people long before they even know they need your service.

  • Consistent Contact - a monthly e-newsletter is a great way to remind them about yourself, month after month. Just make sure it provides value, rather than being an advertisement.

  • Personalized Contact - posting to social media is fine, but how often are you reaching out to your contacts individually, sharing a story or information that pertains to them personally?

  • Face Time - when was the last time you arranged to stop by and see that beautiful home you helped them buy? Or sat down for coffee with an old friend? It’s a digital world, but people are still people, and face to face goes a long way towards building and maintaining relationships.

You might not be able to sustain your entire business from your sphere of influence, but these should be the transactions that come your way without having to chase down flaky leads. These people already know you and trust you - it would be a shame to not help them buy or sell their next home…


- Chris Butterworth


If you need help with your monthly e-Newsletters, please consider 8DollarFarming. Feel free to give me a call if you want to talk in more detail; I’d love to help. And if you need an idea of something personalized to send, consider sharing a Simple MLS Chart as an icebreaker.