New Years Resolutions (audio)

Happy 2017 Everybody!

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Since resolutions are a thing this time of year, I thought it was worth a few minutes to take a look at them - from a slightly different angle.

** NOTE - this is not a highly polished podcast; this is a simple audio riff. It's me talking into my phone - without intro music or a sound production engineer. 

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I don't do a great job of following a script, but I'll post the draft/outline below as well.

- Chris Butterworth

Draft / Outline for audio:

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New Year's Resolutions
  • Lose Weight
  • Get in shape
  • More sales calls
  • quit Starbucks
  • quit smoking
  • Save more money
  • Spend less money
  • spend more quality time with the kids
ultimately - all resolutions are Changes in Habits , which is HARD.
you're asking yourself to spend energy on something which isn't necessarily rewarding or gratifying.
nobody makes a resolution to play more video games - that would be easy and fun, but won't make you a better you. We don't need resolutions to do the easy stuff.
We need resolutions to do the hard stuff. The stuff we know is important, but which we don't see any immediate gratification.
Waking up early is hard. much harder than sleeping in. And then, after waking up early you have to get motivated to go for a run. Ouch. Then, after you've spent a ton of mental motivation to get up and go running, you have to reward yourself with a low-calorie breakfast.
That sucks. It would be so much more enjoyable to sleep in and then have waffles and bacon for breakfast!
But your resolution of Losing Weight requires those hard-to-do habits of morning exercise and eating less food.
The question is: How bad do you want to lose weight?
If you can hold that goal in higher regard than the need for waffles, bacon, donuts, and a cafe mocha, then you'll eventually be successful.
The same holds true for all new habits - how important was your reason for creating the habit?
Nobody wants to wake up early and go running.
Nobody wants to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen after dinner, either. But if you're sick of living in a pig sty, cleaning up after dinner is a great habit for living in a clean house. If your enjoyment of a clean house is important to you, and you can think about how much you'll hate the house being dirty, then cleaning up after dinner is the required habit - it's the price you have to pay.
Keep your eye on the big picture - the reason you created the habit in the first place. And make sure the result you're after is the result you really want.
If it is, then the habit - the Resolution - will be a price you're willing to pay.
Conclusion - wrap it up..
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