Is social media a tool in your toolbox, or is it your brand?

Google+ is being shut down on April 2, 2019.

And I know what you’re thinking: What in the hell is Google+ ?

a screenclip from showing the end is near for Google+

All kidding aside, Google launched Google+ in 2011 as a competitor to Facebook and Twitter, and by seamlessly integrating with Google Photos (a la Instagram), Hangouts, and Youtube, there was reason to believe Google could become the online monopoly.

Hindsight being 20/20, it’s easy to see this didn’t work out so well for the big G. But at the time, the interface was excellent - so much so that the people who used it loved it. And it had the full backing of Daddy Google.

Use the Big Free Tools, Man

Back in 2011 and 2012, there were tons of articles extolling the benefits of Google+, many of which recommend using G+ as your only online presence. After all, they would write, not only is the platform capable of hosting everything you’re already doing - you get Google’s tech support and priority placement in search results.


Imagine your online presence today if you spent a couple-few years building a tribe (including lots and lots of created content), only to have that platform - and all your content - deleted from the internet.

It can happen to anyone

Is Facebook going to be around forever? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? What about Amazon? Etsy?

It’s difficult to think about some of these massive companies going away. And they probably aren’t. But what about this…

  • Any company can change their guidelines, platform, indexing results, bandwidth limitations, or whatever - at anytime. And you won’t get a say in it.

  • What happens if your account gets banned, blocked, or accidentally deleted?

  • What if you want to move your brand to a different platform - newer, younger, better with video or photos, smaller, larger … whatever.

Build your own Brand

Use every tool available to help spread the word. Stay in front of your tribe where your tribe congregates. Yes - that all makes perfect sense. But…

Own your own content.

Build your own website.

Host your own blog, videos, podcasts.

And then link out to any social media platform you want. Or all of them!

Just don’t build your entire brand around being dependent on them.


- Chris Butterworth


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