This Year

2017 was terrific. It was difficult and sometimes frustrating, but overall I am proud of what I accomplished compared with what I had set out to do. (2017 was also terrific from a global perspective, according to the folks at Future Crunch.)

As for 2018 goals and resolutions? Google reports 5.7 million articles about how to keep your resolutions, so I don't want to write that type of post - everybody else already has.

I want to take a minute to talk about the things we can all do, every one of us, every day - which will make everybody's lives better. (and yes, they'll ultimately help you make more money, too.) Ready or not, 2018 is here, and we're already going full speed!

image credit - flickr dave_s


Here are 15 ways to make this year even better:

  1. If you make a promise, set a date. No date, no promise.
  2. If you set a date, meet it.
  3. If you can't make a date, communicate. It's easier to adjust if we know what's happening.
  4. Clean up your own mess.
  5. Clean up other people's messes.
  6. Overcommunicate.
  7. Question a company's agenda. (that includes media companies too.)
  8. Don't question goodwill, effort or intent. Be appreciative.
  9. "I'll know it when I see it," is not a good enough description. Let people know what you want, then let them get to work on it.
  10. If what you're working on right now doesn't matter to the mission, help someone else with their work. (or work on something more important.)
  11. Make mistakes, own them, fix them, share the learning.
  12. Cheap, reliable, public software might be boring, but it's usually better. Because it's cheap and reliable.
  13. Care more.
  14. Always be seeking outside resources. A better rolodex is better, even if we don't have rolodexes any more.
  15. Talk to everyone as if they were your boss, your customer, the founder, your employee. It's all the same.

It seems like a long list, but it's really simple. Be good. Do good. Expect & demand good from others. The good will snowball to more good..

(hat tip to Seth Godin, who published most of this list previously.)

Happy 2018 Everybody!

- Chris Butterworth