8 Dollar Farming - Expectations

A short list - in plain English (not legaleze) - outlining what you can expect from 8DF and what 8DF expects from you.

Please review these terms and click the agreement button at the bottom.


Part 1 - 8 Dollar Farming will provide

1.) Email Service

8DF will write and send out via email a fully formatted newsletter to your email list on your behalf.

2.) Original Content

8DF will create original content for each email newsletter. 'Original' may mean the content has been wholly created by 8DF (such as charts and statistics I develop); or it may mean sharing an idea that isn't universally well known (such as using particular household items as non-toxic ant bait or weed killer); or it may mean sharing a more common idea but one that's worth reminding our readers about (and rewritten in 8DF's own words so the article will stand as original content.)

3.) Citing Sources and Out-Bound Links

8DF will cite any sources used (ie: uncommon facts, statistics or charts not created in-house, images, etc.) with written credit and/or a hyperlink leading to the original source of the material. This may include links to other real estate or mortgage websites. The purpose here is to share interesting and useful information, and to appear well-rounded and well-researched to your email contacts, rather than ignoring all other industry websites as if they don't exist.

4.) Political and Religious Neutrality

8DF does not have any political or religious affiliations (nor does it belong to any particular race or ethnicity), and will remain neutral in these topics - if they're mentioned at all. However, 8DF may acknowledge an upcoming holiday, or congratulate a newly elected President of the United States, or something of that nature, if it adds value (as 8DF sees it) to the newsletter and/or the newsletter topic.

5.) Email Dates

8DF will attempt to send out the newsletter sometime between the 15th and 20th of the month. (generally leaning towards the 15th.) 8DF will make every effort to deliver within these time frames, but does not guaranty it.

6.) Privacy

8DF will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your contact list to ANYBODY. Your contact list will be used strictly for the purpose of sending out e-Newsletters - that's it.

7.) Monthly Fee / No Contract / Cancellation

The 8DF service is provided as a month-to-month service, and may be canceled anytime by providing a written request. Fees for the current month will not be refunded if a newsletter has already been scheduled for delivery.


Part 2 - Subscriber will provide

A.) Email Addresses

You are responsible for providing 8DF your email list. 8DF will work with you and help you, and will accept various formats and media, but ultimately 8DF cannot send emails to your list if 8DF does not have your list.

B.) No Spam

8DF is committed to NOT sending spam. Spam is loosely defined as sending unwanted emails to people who don't know you, haven't agreed to receive your email, or who have asked to be removed from your list. All emails from 8DF will have an "easy unsubscribe" link on them, and 8DF will honor all requests to unsubscribe immediately. If too many people on your list report your emails as being spam, your list may get blocked from 8DF's email provider. If this happens, 8DF will no longer be able to send emails on your behalf, and your subscription will be canceled.

Bottom Line - Make sure your email list is made up of people you know. This service is designed to stay in touch with people who already know you - it is not intended to make inroads with people you hope to meet one day.

C.) Email Distribution Only (no social media)

The content provided by 8DF within the eNewsletters is for email consumption only, and only through the emails distributed by 8DF. Forwarding extra emails to additional contacts, posting on social media, websites, blogs, or any other form of distribution - is strictly prohibited.

D.) Indemnify / Hold Harmless

You agree to indemnify and hold 8DF harmless for any and all perceived (or actual) damages to your business which may or may not have resulted from 8DF sending (or not sending) information, or from the content contained within 8DF's newsletter(s). 8DF is meant to supplement your other marketing and communication efforts.


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