running in the cold is hard

It's been just about 2 years since I decided to get off the couch and get into shape. My goal at the time was to run a triathlon in May 2010.

In the winter-spring of 2010 I did most of my training at about lunchtime. In winter-spring of 2011 I was training in the mornings, but it was mostly at the gym. This is the first time I've been training outside, in the mornings, in the dark and the cold (43 degrees this morning), and I have to say, it sucks.

It's harder to get out of bed, and it's harder to get motivated for a good workout. I don't know why exactly, and I've been successful at getting my workouts done. But my body/mind doesn't want to - it takes a little extra push every step of the way. I have to push myself to get out of bed. I almost talk myself out of working out before I start. Then I try to talk myself into cutting my workout short. By the time I'm actually finished, I'm exhausted - and only partly from the workout!

Hopefully it gets easier as I do it more. Worst case - March isn't too far away, and the mornings will get warmer & sunnier..

-Chris Butterworth