it's hard to serve 2 masters

Right now I'm working to accomplish 2 different goals.  Both are bigger than anything I've done before, and both will be my first of their kind.  In addition to my full-time job, my hobby-job, my family, and the rest of the daily grind, I'm trying to:

1.) Train for an Olympic length triathlon race at the end of May - a 1 mile swim, 28 mile bike ride, and 6.2 mile run.  If I'm in top shape and push myself to my limits, I could probably finish in less than 3 hours.  (that's my goal, anyway).  Realistically, though, 3.5 hours is more likely.

I've run plenty of triathlons over the last couple years, but none has been longer than about 2:15, which is just about the time your body needs to start burning its own fat as a fuel for exercise.  This will be my first event where I'm likely to "hit the wall" and have my body completely change fuel sources, and I'm both nervous about it and excited for the challenge.  But most of all I want to be in good shape - ready both physically and mentally for whatever race-day might bring..

2.) Write and publish a book.  I've been jotting down notes, snippets, and ideas about productivity and time management for quite awhile, and I set a goal for myself to compile, write & publish this as a book by the middle of 2012.

Unfortunately, it's hard to serve both masters.  When I'm training, I'm thinking about writing my book.  When I'm writing, I'm feeling guilty and stressed out about skipping a workout.  Something's gotta give - I can't keep juggling all these balls in the air while simultaneously putting this much effort into both big projects, each of which is going to take 100% of my best effort over the next 3 months.

Looks like it's time for some soul searching over the next week or two...

- Chris Butterworth