race day to be May 13, 2012

I did some soul searching this weekend after writing about the difficulties I was having with trying to accomplish 2 major goals at the same time (see it's hard to serve 2 masters), and I've decided to postpone writing a book while I spend this spring training for my olympic length triathlon.  That means I have 8 weeks left to get from reasonably good shape (training for an hour at a time) into awesome shape (the race will likely take me 3.5 hours to complete.)

That also means I'm going to put the vast majority of my energy into this effort, including this blog.  As much as I love productivity, goal setting & achievement, organization, and efficiency, I'll mostly be writing about fitness & exercise over the next 2 months.

I'm heading into this 2 month journey with 3 goals for race day:

1. Complete the swim without incident. *
2. Complete the race without stopping or walking.
3. Beat my two training partners!

Wish me luck!

- Chris Butterworth

* My last 2 springtime triathlons with open water swims have included (2010) a kick to the head which split my forehead open & gave me a concussion (I think), and (2011) a charlie horse in my leg and toes from the 58 degree water that was so bad I thought I was going to drown.