bandit racing - so that's the name for it

The race I've been writing about for the last couple months is right around the corner - scheduled for May 13th.  But there's a problem with that.  A couple problems, actually.

First of all, that's Mother's Day.  Few things say Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife (and mother of my 2 boys) less, than to say "have a great day Honey; I'll see you sometime after lunch!"

Next up is the logistics.  This is an early race - the horn blasts at 6:30 am.  For me personally, that means waking up sometime around 4:00am to get up, get my wits about me, have a decent breakfast, and drive across the city.  Then I can deal with parking, getting my gear set up, and getting into the water with 900 other racers.

And finally there's the fee.  I get to pay $135 for the privilege of wrecking Mother's Day and waking up that early for a 3+ hour race.  Hmmm.

On the flip side, I've trained hard, and I want to accomplish my goal of running a race at this distance.  So my training partners and I came up with an alternate plan - let's run our own race!

We're going to set up a small transition area at the gym, with our bikes locked up & ready to ride, and our food/drinks/nourishment easily accessible.  We'll swim in the gym's pool, hop onto our bikes and ride a predetermined course, then lock up our bikes and run like the wind.  No entrance fees, t-shirts, or messed up holidays.  I'm actually excited about it.

According to Men's Health magazine, this is called a bandit race.  Cool - now I know the name for it.

-Chris Butterworth