duh - "cut back on sauces, keep weight off"

From the department of duh..

US News and World Report reports "avoid sauces, gravies and fattening dressings"
The Cleveland Clinic suggests how to help you maintain weightloss:
  • Cut down on daily calories; work with a dietitian to come up with the ideal caloric intake for you.
  • Scale back on sauces, dressings and other condiments. Opt for healthier offerings such as lemon juice, vinegar, herbs and low-calorie marinades.
  • Never skip meals or starve yourself. This could cause you to binge eat and pack on even more pounds.
  • Eat high-fiber, whole grain foods. Avoid stocking your kitchen with high-fat, tempting foods.
(emphasis mine)

Interesting, informative, thought provoking - thanks for this one, US News.

-Chris Butterworth