focus on the present

Intense, laser-like focus on the present, similar to a child's single mindedness with his Christmas gift, can have a powerful impact.

Consider this...

I wrote awhile back about my difficulties trying to serve two masters.  I was trying to dedicate myself to working out and to writing, but I wasn't doing either one effectively.

I decided to put writing in the back burner, and to put my mental and physical energy into training for my next race.  and what happened next has been amazing.

My workouts suddenly got better.  I wasn't worried about what I could have been writing, or when I would be able to write something.   My focus was on working out, and work out I did.  My times got faster, my durations got longer, and my enjoyment went up.

Then I noticed a side effect.

Once my workouts were over, I didn't have to think about working out anymore, and my mind naturally moved towards writing.  I was writing more, and with better quality, then when I was trying to write!

Bottom line - focus on what you're doing right now, as if it's the most important thing, and the rest will fall into place.

-Chris Butterworth