results achieved - thanks to the process

A couple months ago I wrote about having gained some weight during the off season, and wanting to drop these extra fat-pounds before my race in May.  (see "the process creates the results.")

I had put into place a process:  eliminate mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacking, reduce lunch portions, eliminate sugar-sodas, and eliminate (or at least reduce) alcohol.  It wasn't a matter of counting calories going in; it was a matter of marginally reducing what I had been regularly eating.  Less calories in, coupled with long & intense workouts, and I figured I would drop weight quickly.  Unfortunately, I didn't.

My weight loss was slow - sometimes less than a pound a week.  But I knew I had the right process in place, and I knew I was heading in the right direction, so I continued to follow it.

Today, just short of 2 months later, and a mere 1 week before my race, I made weight!  Standing on the same scale, at the same time of day, wearing the same clothes, I've lost 8 pounds.  And considering I'm stronger and faster than I was two months ago, they aren't muscle-pounds.  Bye bye, fat.  Hello, race weight!

Slow and steady, create a good process and then follow through on it - all that stuff.  It works.

-Chris Butterworth