Introducing Fit-20 - 20-minute workouts

I've been talking for awhile about doing a series of 20-minute workouts that can be done just about anywhere and require little to no gym equipment; I've been thinking about it for even longer. Well, they're here!

Beginning next week I'll start posting Fit-20 workouts, which you can use as the basis for your own workout routine.  Here's a quick synopsis:

Fit-20 Workouts WILL:
  • Provide a road map for getting your body moving on a consistent basis.
  • Provide a workout you can do just about anytime and anywhere.
  • Work your entire body, from head to toe. (unless you're already in great shape, you will be sore!)
  • Get your heart pumping, aerobic style.
  • Tone your body, working your muscles while making your heart pump, lungs gasp, and sweat glands go into over-drive.
  • Be flexible, so you can do them according to your own ability.
  • Most will require simple, or even no gym equipment. Those that require equipment can be substituted for other exercises.
  • Be published 3 days per week. Those of you who want to work out longer, or more frequently, are welcome to. You can add time or repetitions to the posted Fit-20 workout. You can add an aerobic exercise before or after the workout. You can stack multiple Fit-20 workouts back-to-back if you're so inclined.
  • Be a great compliment to a sensible diet and a long-term weight loss &/or fitness plan. (ie: goals measured in months, rather than weeks.)
  • Be a basic building block to overall fitness.
Fit-20 Workouts WILL NOT:
  • Pretend to replace a 90-minute daily workout - if you're looking for 30-day results like you see on a TV infomercial, you'll need to look elsewhere.
  • Spend lots of time "sculpting" a specific body part - we can't spend 30 minutes on your shoulders or abs during a 20 minute workout! You'll see lots of fast-paced movements, and not so many "hold that pose for 90 seconds" activities.
  • By themselves, Fit-20 workouts will not cause you to lose weight. They'll make a great compliment to a good eating plan (which is coming soon!), but if you're over-eating, 20 minutes of exercise probably won't change your weight.
  • Get you into specific event performance shape. Want to run a marathon? You'll need to train for a marathon!
You can learn about Fit-20 Workouts in more detail on my Fit-20 page. You can sign up here to receive them in your email inbox each day a new one is published.

Coming soon - Food & Diet ideas to compliment your Fit-20 workouts on the way to long-term success. Stay tuned...

-Chris Butterworth