introducing Fitness Gazette is live and online!

This site has been a long time in the making; it's the culmination of several projects and passions I've had over the years, and I'm excited about what it is and what it will be.

15 years ago I started to write a book titled "The Fat Reservoir", in which I targeted a solution to the obesity epidemic with a common sense approach to diet and exercise, arguing that we didn't need hyper-restrictive diets and obsessive fitness regimens; that small changes and moderation could add up to fitness and health over the long term.

5 years ago I authored a blog in the productivity space, where I shared ideas and stories relating to personal and business productivity, efficiency, time management, goal setting (and goal achievement), and the process of continual improvement.  The blog actually made money, but at that point in time, due to economic factors, I needed something to make *a lot* of money, and ended up not having time to continue that site.

2 years ago I began thinking about a site which would combine both of the above projects. I started jotting down notes and ideas. I built what would become this blog / website. (well, google's blogger did the work, but I don't mind taking some of the credit!) I started using the title The Better Life, and even had a logo made, to encapsulate everything I would be writing about.

Over the last few months I've been writing a lot, and reading even more. I've received some positive feedback on what I've been doing and the direction of the site. And I decided that with this much effort already put into the site, and the amount of effort I'll give over the next several years (or decades?), the site deserved its own domain name.

Last week I purchased, and yesterday I re-titled and  re-directed the website. Fitness Gazette was born!

I'm excited about and looking forward to writing, sharing, and discussing ideas with you for the foreseeable future.  Topics will include:
  • Motivation - goal setting, goal achieving, and inspiration.
  • Technology - using tech effectively and efficiently, rather than because it's the cool new thing.
  • Fitness & Health - focus on long term health, and how we can achieve it without completely turning your life upside-down.
  • Throughput - getting things done.
  • Food & Nutrition - focus on eating less & eating healthier as a sustainable approach to living, with only modest changes from what you're eating today.
  • Continuous Improvement (Slow & Steady Progress) - keep moving forward, just a little bit at a time, without turning your whole life upside-down, and you'll be amazed at how far you can get. This goes for losing weight, as well as just about any other goal you want to accomplish.
  • Fit-20 - 20-minute fitness routines you can do anywhere, anytime, without having to completely alter your life or other responsibilities.
  • Daily Diet - real world eating ideas, so you can go out to lunch with your co-workers and still lose weight.
  • And More - if I find something worth sharing, I'll share it.
I'd be honored if you bookmarked this page & checked back often. I'd be even more honored if you subscribed in your feedreader or wanted to receive new articles each morning by email.

Coming soon I'll post links to pages for About, Fit-20, and Daily Diet, which will take this article into more depth.

Again, welcome, and thank you for reading.

-Chris Butterworth