slow and steady - lose 10 pounds a year

Finally, some of this common sense thinking is starting to make to the mainstream.

Here's an article from, quoting MD Dr. Salerno in an interview with HealthySELF:

When it comes to losing weight, Dr. Salerno says, "Knowledge is power." Knowledge, she says, is what helps you cope with the stress that comes along with facing those numbers on the scale. "Instead of thinking about losing pounds, start with a different goal -- a commitment to lifelong health," she says.
For example -- what's the stress-free way to lose 10 pounds a year? According to the book, simply cut 100 calories a day from your diet. And as for working out, Salerno and her co-authors say the average adult only needs to engage in only 30 minutes of moderate activity five times a week in order to maintain a healthy weight.
Weight loss -- and gain -- is about calories taken in vs. calories expended by your normal routine and physical activity, says Dr. Salerno. But, she says, the big picture of what's happening in America comes down to more than a simple math calculation. It's a misconception, says Dr. Salerno, that overeating is "simply and entirely a matter of laziness and lack of willpower."

Yes, it really is that simple. You can blame it on chemicals, dyes, hfcs, or whatever else you want. But the fact of the matter is portion sizes have become HUGE. Cut back a little bit on your food intake, and increase your exercise a bit, and keep your eye on the long term.

Maybe you don't lose 35 pounds before next month's beach vacation. But losing 10-15 pounds a year (or 20-25, which is still slow & steady weight loss), each year, until you're happy with your weight, and being able to keep it off permanently - that's not such a bad outlook either.

-Chris Butterworth

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