dumbbell swings

dumbbell swings

This is another great full-body exercise. You'll feel it in your legs, butt, core, back, and shoulders.

The best, most simple description I've found comes to us from Men's Health Magazine:

"Hold a (dumbbell) with two hands, and drop into a squat, then explode upward through your heels until your hips lock in a standing position, the momentum driving the weight up over your head. Then drop into a squat and repeat."

Legal Disclaimer (don't blame me).

Warning - I am NOT a licensed physical trainer, therapist, nutritionist, or a doctor.  I am a regular guy who just happens to love exercise and fitness.

Exercise can be dangerous if done incorrectly or in excess.  I can't see you, and you can't see me, to know if you're doing an exercise incorrectly, which could lead to injury.

Please Please Please seek help / advice / counsel from a local professional before starting a new program, or before doing an exercise you're unfamiliar with.  This information is intended as a guide to point you in the right direction.  If you aren't familiar with the exercises described herein, I highly recommend seeking professional advice before trying them.