Fit-20 Workout 06-08-12

Fit-20 Workout 06-08-12

If you've been doing the Fit-20 workouts so far, you're probably a bit sore today. That's awesome - just the way we want it. Sore enough to know you're getting into shape, but hopefully not so sore you can't get perform routine events like walking down stairs or shampooing your hair!

If you're new to the Fit-20 workouts, click here to learn more about these 20-minute workout routines.

Today's workout

Warm up (2-5 minutes)


4 rounds, for time (or stop at 20 minutes, whichever comes first)

1. 10 Double pump dumbbell thrusters
2. 100-Ups - slow or fast, based on your ability.
3. 6 Pull-ups
4. 100 Jump Ropes

Remember - always log your workouts to see how far you've come and what your number to beat is next time!

Train hard,

-Chris Butterworth