Fit-20 Workout 06-13-12

Fit-20 Workout 06-13-12

The Fit-20 workouts are designed to work your entire body, be done just about anywhere, use minimal equipment, and take about 20 minutes. Check 'em out here.

Today's Workout

Warm up - spend 2-5 minutes getting your body ready to go. Jogging (forward or in place), jumping jacks, or anything else that works for you, are all good options.


4 Rounds, for time (or stop at 20 minutes), of:

2.) 16 Lunges (8 each leg) - either walking or in-place
3.) 10 Push-ups

* Advanced Level - If this was too easy, make notes for next time. Add distance or extra lines to the Line Drill. Do weighted lunges. Do 15 Push-ups, or try clapping your hands between every-other push-up. Use a heavier weight for Dumbbell Swings. Or simply do the entire routine 5 or 6 times.

As always, remember to log your results so you know what your score to beat is next time.

Train hard,

-Chris Butterworth