Fit-20 Workout 06-18-12

Fit-20 Workout 06-18-12

The Fit-20 workouts are designed to work your entire body, using minimal equipment, where ever you are, and take about 20 minutes. Check 'em out here.

Today's Workout

Warm-up (2-5 minutes) - wake your body up and get ready to go using whatever works best for you. Running in place, jogging, dancing, shadow boxing, jumping jacks - anything you want.


4 Rounds, for time (or stop at 20 minutes), of:

1.) Run 1/4 mile, at the fastest pace you can
2.) 15 Squats
3.) 7 Pull-ups, alternating grips on each set
4.) 12 Box Jumps - from a standing position, jump up to a box or step (6-24 inches, depending on your ability), then jump back down.

Remember to log your results so you can track your progress and motivate yourself for next time.

-Chris Butterworth