keeping on top of infinity

keeping on top of infinity

It's another Throughput Thursday, so let's talk about getting stuff done..

Today I want to quote from and comment on a post Seth Godin wrote a couple weeks ago, "Dancing on the edge of finished."

Before, when your shift was done, you were finished. When the inbox was empty, when the forms were processed, you could stop.

Now, of course, there's always one more tweet to make, post to write, words with friends move to complete. There's one more bit of email, one more lens you can construct, one more comment you can respond to. If you want to, you can be never finished.

(I'm paraphrasing here, CB) - For those who embrace the new infinity, it's a dance. For those looking to be "all done," it's a grind.

I wrote on a similar theme earlier in the week - when enough is enough. Being successful today lies in creating a good plan, then executing it. Could you do more? Always. But did you do what you set out to do?

Plans can be reviewed, modified, cross-collaborated on - whatever. But without a good plan you're left to fight an uphill battle against infinity, every day! And it doesn't matter whether you're talking about fitness, nutrition, your new year's resolutions, or the spectacular project you're building - you're either dancing on the edge of infinity, or you're grinding against the impossible.

Do what you set out to do, and be happy about it.

-Chris Butterworth