when enough is enough

when enough is enough

There's always more you can do, or more you could have done. One more set, or ten more minutes on the treadmill. Here's a little secret: it doesn't matter.

Whatever you do, today, won't have any impact on your long-term overall health, fitness, and goals. Did you spend 90 minutes in the weight room, then run 5 miles? Great, but it won't have any bearing on where you are a year from now. (unless you do it over and over again throughout the next year.) Did you eat the super-sized combo for lunch, and an entire cheesecake for dinner? Bad day, but it won't matter a year from now.

Your long term health - fitness levels, weight, body shape - is the sum of thousands of decisions made over the course of the years. Make good decisions consistently, and they'll add up to good great results.

Workouts. Set up a plan for how much you want to workout - 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 60 minutes - whatever it is, then stick to your plan. After a few weeks you can adjust your plan based on the results you're getting.

Eating. Set up a plan for how you want to eat, whether that means eliminating calories, or snacks, or sugar, or processed foods, or whatever. After a few weeks you can adjust your plan based on your results. Then you follow the new plan.

Over time your small changes can add up to huge differences. Enough is plenty - Set up your plan, then go out and do it. Let time be your ally.

-Chris Butterworth