Fit-20 Workout 07-11-12

Fit-20 Workout 07-11-12

The Fit-20 concept is simple: 20 minutes, wherever you are, with little or no equipment needed, so you can squeeze a full-body workout into your day without skipping sleep, skipping work, or skipping out on your family.

Today's Workout

Warm up (2-5 min) - wake your body up and get ready to go using whatever works best for you. Running in place, jogging, shadow boxing, dancing, jumping jacks - anything you want.


7 Rounds, For time (or stop at 20 minutes, whichever comes first), of:

1.) Sprint out, away from your starting point.
2.) Walking Lunges, 5 each leg
3.) Sprint back to your starting point.
4.) Burpees, 5 per round

* Note - Advanced Level - if you complete the routine in less than 10 minutes, consider increasing the difficulty. Add length to your sprints. Add more lunges and burpees. Add more rounds.

We want to beat our Personal Record, but then we want to up the ante - it feels great when you get to a point where you're killing a workout that would have killed you a few months ago!

How'd you do? Remember to log your results, so you'll have a benchmark to shoot for next time.

-Chris Butterworth