Fit-20 Workout 07-30-12

Fit-20 Workout 07-30-12

* Note - This is the final Fit-20 Workout in the 26-workout set. If you've been doing these, congratulations - you made it through a full round of short-but-intense workouts! I'm going to focus my attention more on the diet and nutrition side of the equation for the next couple months, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to workout. You can click here to see a list of all 26 Fit-20 Workouts. If you start at the beginning and do 3 per week, it will take you 2 months to get through the set. (and for anyone who's repeating, I'd be interested to hear how much better/faster/stronger you are the 2nd time through!)

For those new to the blog, the Fit-20 concept is simple: 20 minutes, wherever you are, with little or no equipment needed, so you can squeeze a full-body workout into your day without skipping sleep, skipping work, or skipping out on your family.

Today's Workout

Warm up (2-5 min) - wake your body up and get ready to go using whatever works best for you. Running in place, jogging, shadow boxing, dancing, jumping jacks - anything you want.


For time (or stop at 20 minutes, whichever comes first):

1.) Run 1/4 Mile

2.) 4 Rounds of:

3.) Run 1/4 Mile

Remember, Intensity matters - push yourself as hard as you can while staying safe.

How'd you do? Remember to log your results when you're done. Did you complete the circuit? How fast? Did you stop at 20 minutes? How far did you get? Write it down, so you'll have a benchmark to shoot for next time.

-Chris Butterworth