it's ok to just be healthy

it's ok to just be healthy

Alternative title: There's no bonus points for being perfect, or for being extra healthy.

The more I read online, the more I get the feeling there's a lot of competitiveness out there with being the *most* healthy.

Who can workout the longest? Who can eat the fewest carbs or chemicals? Who can eat the most primitive foods, or the most organic? Who can live the healthiest lifestyle?

First of all, who's to say which is right, when you can find supporters of both sides of any of these options? (well, maybe not every option; I don't know anyone who'd promoting you eat a lot of chemicals..)

Secondly, since when did healthy become a competition, where you have to be perfect?

If you're a professional athlete, or in some other profession where you make a living based on how your body performs, then you have a reason to strive for perfection. Then again, you probably aren't reading this if that's the case.

There's nothing wrong with just being healthy. You eat right, so your weight is where you want it to be. You exercise here and there, even 20 minutes at a time, so your body maintains muscle tone and does a good job of converting food into fuel. And your blood pressure / cholesterol / resting pulse are within the "healthy" ranges, That's good enough - you're healthy.

Anything you want to do above and beyond being healthy is ok, as long as it's what you enjoy doing. You aren't going to win any medals for your extra long workouts and your perfect adherence to your ultra-strict diet, and you aren't guaranteed to live extra long because of it.

So go ahead and be healthy. But don't forget to enjoy life too.

-Chris Butterworth