links I like - 07-31-12

links I like - 07-31-12

This was another interesting week for reading - I'm happy there are so many blogs and websites worth reading out there. You'll notice a heavy slant towards the minimalist-barefoot camp this week; I didn't plan it that way - it's just how it worked out.. Please read on, and enjoy.

Caveman vs Podiatrist, via Christopher McDougall. This is a 6:47 video you simply have to watch. Not only does it sum up the "minimal vs padded" running shoe argument, but it clearly shows the changing of the medical community's thought process. My guess is a decade from now you'll see "walking barefoot" prescribed more than "custom fit othotics"..

Adventure Report - Grand Canyon, via Barefoot in Arizona. This is a terrific report/review/how-to guide from his weekend trip down the Grand Canyon, along with some amazing photos. I haven't hiked the Canyon in 30+ years, but this post made me itch for another trip...

Meet Tune Footwear: Barefoot-Friendly Dress Shoes, via I've been looking for a quality zero-drop dress shoe for 2+ years, and it looks like an answer isn't too far away. If you're in the same boat, click through and take the 1-minute survey at the end of this post, where the manufacturer is looking for feedback on colors and styles.

So What Are Grains? by Cade does a really good job of making a complex topic seem less like a chemistry lecture and more like a regular guy explaining something. It's interesting information, and it's useful information, which you can digest (bad pun intended), modify if necessary, and apply to your own nutrition plan.

The Truth About Food Additives - Infographic, via This little infographic might be a big eye opener for some people. I didn't cross reference or double check the sources, so I'm not going to vouch for the accuracy of every detail. But it reminds me of a basic concept of healthy eating - If you can't pronounce the ingredients, you probably shouldn't eat them!

Have a great week!

-Chris Butterworth