my next fitness goal

my next fitness goal

I've written many times about tracking your progress, and while this isn't the ideal workout log, it is a very public record of my progress. Hopefully you can do something similar, even if it's in a private journal. In fact, I challenge you to do something similar - 

My Current Goal: Consistent Cross-Fit, 25 consecutive Pull-ups, maintain body shape and weight.

My Background and Plan of Attack: I don't currently have anything to train for - no races scheduled, no challenges in the near future.. I'm in maintenance mode - I'm happy with my weight, my clothes fit well, and I'm happy with how I look (well, at least based on what the genetics gods gave me to work with..)

I've done Cross-Fit on and off since 2006, mostly over the last couple years as a supplement to my triathlon training. But I've never done it consistently, week in and week out, for an extended time. I've been doing more cross-fit than ever during the last month or so, and I'm surprised by how much stronger I've gotten in such a short time - and that's with only 20 minute workouts, using the Fit-20 program as a baseline. In fact, I tapered down my cardio workouts after my May 5th race, and since late May have been doing the Fit-20 Workouts as almost my only source of exercise, and I've been very satisfied with the results.

Let's see what happens when I increase the intensity and consistency...

For a 12 week period, I will do at least 3 cross-fit workouts per week (with most of them from the Fit-20 Workout program) and 1 cardio workout. My focus will be intensity rather than duration (20 minutes, give or take), and consistency. At the end of 12 weeks, I expect to be able to do 25 pull-ups in a single set.

  1. Week of 6/25/12: Success! 3 Fit-20 workouts and 1 15-minute session on the versaclimber.
  2. week of 7/2: Success! 1 Fit-20 workout, 1 Kettlebell workout, 1 cross-fit w/ versaclimber sets, and 1 run.
  3. week of 7/9: Almost. 1 Fit-20 workout, 1 Kettlebell workout, 1 run.
  4. week of 7/16: Fail. While I got plenty of exercise on vacation this week (mostly playing with my boys), I didn't do a single cross-fit workout, or even a pull-up. Then I tweaked my neck while unloading the car, so I'll take a few more days off. (update - I ran a 3.6 mile desert-mountain trail on Sunday, which at least helped to offset an otherwise non-workout week.)
  5. week of 7/23: Success! 3 cross-fit workouts and one 3-mile run. (getting nervous though, as I still can't do more than 10 pull-ups in a single set..)
  6. week of 7/30: Almost. 2 cross-fit workouts, one swim, and one day of pull-ups only.
  7. week of 8/6: Almost. 4 cross-fit workouts (2 were Fit-20s), but no cardio session. At this point I'm feeling good about my strength, and I like how I look. But I am a bit frustrated by my lack of running and swimming - I'm getting further away from triathlon-shape. I'm also 5 weeks away from the end of this session, and 25 pull-ups is looking like a long shot - I did 11 twice last week.
  8. week of 8/13: Success! 3 cross-fits and a 3-mile run.
  9. week of 8/20: Almost. 3 cross-fits, including one where I cranked out 14 pull-ups in one set - my new PR! (although I'm only 3 weeks away from when I'm supposed to be able to do 25 - yikes..)
  10. week of 8/27: Success! 3 cross-fits and some soccer.
  11. week of 9/3: Fail. 1 cross-fit. Good news is I upped my pull-ups PR to 16 in a single set. Bad news is I only have one more week..
  12. week of 9/10: Almost / Quasi-Successful. I was able to do 18 pull-ups in a single set, which is only 72% of my stated goal (25). On the plus side, however, I was only able to do 6-8 pull-ups in a single set when I started this goal 8 weeks ago, which puts me at about a 150% gain over my starting point.

I'm looking forward to seeing my progress over the next 3 months, and I'm really looking forward to being stronger than I am today. Now all I have to do is execute..!

* Update post-trial: I enjoyed being publicly accountable, and it helped motivate me at times. Although it stressed me out at the times I was unable (or unwilling) to achieve. I will definitely set up something like this again in the future..

-Chris Butterworth