Daily Diet 08-30-12

Daily Diet 08-30-12

Real world menu choices for real people trying to be calorie conscious throughout their day.

Tips for using the Daily Diet effectively:
  • Have a calorie goal for the day (and every day.)
  • Keep a food journal so you know what you ate (and how many calories.)
  • If you're eating at a different restaurant from what's featured here, do the best with what's available. Look for a similar entre, or read the nutrition guide and order something which fits within your calorie budget.
  • Keep in mind - every pound of fat in your body is 3,500 calories worth of energy, just waiting to be released and burned. If you're still a little hungry throughout the day, that's great - it means your body might just be tapping into that excess reserve.
  • Check out the Daily Diet page for more details, information, examples, and links.

Today's meal plan
  • Breakfast: Cereal w/ skim milk. (Raisin Bran)
  • Morning Snack: Almonds
  • Lunch: Streets of New York - small antipasto salad
  • Afternoon Snack: grape tomatoes
  • Dinner: 1 1/2 Bratwurst w/ mustard (no bun), sauteed green beans
  • Dessert: grapes
Total Calories: 1,200 - 1,400 (depending on portion sizes)

One step at a time, and you'll climb your mountain.

-Chris Butterworth