eating too much healthy

eating too much healthy

In 6th grade I would ride my bike to my friend Kevin's house in the morning, and we would play Risk or read Garfield comics until it was time to walk to school.

I've remembered this particular strip my entire life - the irony (and ridiculousness) of it struck a chord with me. What's even funnier is that I see people do this all the time.
  • Doesn't matter if it has zero fat, or if the box is labeled "healthy option" - the calories still count.
  • You can't double-down and eat twice as much when you choose the "light" option.
  • 1,000 calories' worth of bacon is still 1,000 calories. (for my quasi-paleo friends out there..)
  • Just because you didn't order your own doesn't give you free reign to take unlimited bites from everybody else's.
The bottom line is always the same: a calorie is a calorie (and part 2 here). Eat fewer to get healthier. Eat better to eat fewer. Look to the long term - good health is a marathon.

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-Chris Butterworth