links I like - 08-07-12

links I like - 08-07-12

The beauty of links is how they can introduce you to a terrific writer you may have never heard of before. That's how I stumbled across most of the people I look forward to reading each day - somebody I already like reading linked out to introduce them in one way or another. Hopefully I can do the same for you. Please read on, and enjoy..

The globalization of the food truck? via Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide. An American food truck (lunch wagon) is now in Paris - yes, the Paris in France. It's interesting to me that other cultures, many of which have an anti-American attitude, continue to "Americanize" their food and eating habits. The rest of the world seems to be slowly following in our heavy-set footprints..

When Listining to your body doesn't work, via Marks Daily Apple. An easy to understand explanation of some brain science, explaining what's happening up there when your body has plenty of stored fat to work from yet insists you eat more sugary junk. (it's basically an addiction to sugar and carbs.) He also explains this is part of the reason why obese and formerly-obese people's body don't burn fat as efficiently as thin people do.

How to get Big and Strong like a Super Hero, by Steve Kamb at NerdFitness. Steve gives you a blueprint for how to get big like The Hulk and strong like Thor. (hint - use tools and technology, and pay attention to details like Ironman, and dedicate yourself to the cause like Captain America!)

The anit-shoe Infomercial, via This post shows a sarcastic video, poking fun at the shoe industry. You minimalist footwear types out there will think it's funny; I'm not sure what the rest of you will think - would love to hear your thoughts..

Have a great week, everybody.

-Chris Butterworth