links I like - 08-21-12

links I like - 08-21-12

So many good writers out there, and so little time to read everything! Here are a few of my favorite articles I've read recently - I hope you enjoy them, too.

How to Win Your Life's Own "Olympic Gold", via Stepcase Lifehack. We may never have the opportunity to win an olympic gold medal, but we do have a chance to be like those gold medal winners. They won gold because they elevated their goal (gold medal) to be the most important thing in their life. Tired? Hit the gym. Not feeling it today? Hit the gym. Busy schedule? Hit the gym. Yep, we could all use a little more of that single-minded dedication to our goals.

Crash diets and good habits, by Seth Godin. It's not about the workout plan, or the diet, or even the sales pitch. It's about your habits. Build new habits, even if they're incrementally small, and you can change your life. Sounds familiar. Sounds true.

Another Favorite Running Video, via Barefoot in Arizona. Featuring 5 different running styles you'll see out there on the sidewalks. If you look like any of these guys when you run, click here to see better form..

Unsaturated Fat: "Oh He's One of Those Guys", by Cade at Know My Body. A well-constructed article on the science of unsaturated fat and the history behind it getting blacklisted and replaced by sugar. It's a more than a little unnerving to know the truth about foods is so different from what is being taught by "the establishment". (boy, do I sound like a conspiracy theorist when I read what I just wrote.. time to get myself fitted for a tinfoil hat.)

When Listening to Your Body Doesn't Work, via Mark's Daily Apple. An article along similar lines as the last one - our bodies have been trained to ask for (and receive) food that's not really what we were designed to eat. Somewhere along the way the recommendations got out of whack, and our intake of sugar (and calories) has ballooned. Sometimes we have to do what we know is right, even if it's not what our body is telling us to do..

I hope you're able to find some useful information in there - I know I did.

Happy Tuesday.

-Chris Butterworth