the antidote for sugar binges

the antidote for sugar binges

I ate Mexican food for lunch today - tortillas, beans, rice, salsa - yummy. But when I got back to my office I was CRAVING sugar. I almost grabbed a handful of Red Vines and a Coke from the office kitchen, and then I probably would have gone back for seconds!

But I didn't.

Instead I had a Powermint Tic Tac and waited a few minutes to see if my craving would subside, which it did. Of course it did, because most other foods taste like crap when your taste buds are covered in minty freshness.

Now, I'm not denying how delicious my sugar-binge would have tasted. I'm also not promising I won't drink any empty calories later today. In fact, I'll probably enjoy an after-dinner Coke tonight, mixed with a fair dose of Jim Beam. (it'll be a Diet Coke if I'm really on my game..)

But I did manage to binge on 1.9 calories, when my initial instinct was to power through over 400!

Thought I'd share this one with you.

-Chris Butterworth