video - Norseman Extreme Triathlon

video - Norseman Extreme Triathlon

(video below)

Welcome to the hardest Ironman-length triathlon I've ever heard about.

Ironman, not to be confused with Iron Man, is a LONG triathlon race. The distances are standardized, and races are held around the world, with the most famous being the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.
  • 2.4 mile Swim
  • 112 mile Bike
  • 26.2 mile Run
  • 140.6 Total Miles - when you see a 140.6 sticker on somebody's car, it means they've done more in 12 hours than most of us have done in 12 months!

The Norseman Extreme Triathlon makes a regular Ironman look pedestrian. In fact, I'd pick these Norsemen (and women) against Iron Man..! Check out this video:

These guys are Viking Warriors - absolutely amazing! Mentally and physically tough as nails.

Couple of thoughts
  1. Health and Fitness - let's not confuse good health with a crazy desire to get hypothermia and/or run up a mountain. Eat right, exercise, focus on general health. If you want to set your sights on something bigger, there are plenty of shorter length triathlons to get you started - google "sprint triathlons" in your area for more information.
  2. Motivation - remember this video as motivation for days when you're not feeling 100%. Just move forward, get through that fjord, climb that mountain.. You'll feel great once you're workout is over and you know you conquered it!

Thanks to Roman Mica at for sharing this.

Train Hard,

-Chris Butterworth