Fit-20 Workout 09-28-12

Fit-20 Workout 09-28-12

Yesterday's workout was a good one, so I wanted to share it with you.

For those of you new to the Fitness Gazette site, Fit-20 Workouts are workouts designed to give you a full-body workout, muscles and cardio, in about 20 minutes, using little or no gym equipment. Ideally you can squeeze a workout in before work, or at lunch, without squeezing your family out of the picture. Click here to see a list of past Fit-20 Workouts.


5 Rounds, for time:
  • 5 Burpees 
  • One-arm Kettlebell Swings - 8 per arm, switching arms at each swing. Bonus points if you give the KB a little toss in the air as you switch arms. Double bonus if you can "flip" the KB, so the handle spins around in mid air before your other hand catches it.
  • Kettlebell Shuffle* - 5 times. Set up 2 cones about 5-10 yards apart, and place the Kettlebell on the ground at cone 1. Pick up the KB and run-jug-shuffle to cone 2, where you set it down. Run back to cone 1, then run back to cone 2. Pick up the KB and run-jog-shuffle it back to cone 1, where you set it down. Run back to cone 2, then run back to cone 1. That's 1 time - do this 4 more times.

*Note - I don't know if Kettlebell Shuffle is an official name. I came up with the exercise last night, and LOVED it. You can bet I'll be doing more of these in the future!

I finished in about 15 minutes. I was winded and my heart was racing, but I wasn't muscle exhausted, so I spent a few minutes trying to do KB curls and presses (with the KB facing away from the handle/body) - those are hard. Next time I do this Fit-20 routine I will add one more exercise to the mix, just to get a little more muscle work in and to make it last closer to 20 minutes..

Train hard,

-Chris Butterworth