links I like - 09-11-12

links I like - 09-11-12

A run and a chat with Ultra-marathon man Dean Karnazes, via Karnazes has been running ultra marathons - not just running, but running them faster than just about everyone else on the planet - for a couple of decades. I found a two points from this article to be very interesting:

1.) Dean uses body-weight exercises and cross-training to keep himself strong and flexible enough to be able to run a gigantic number of miles without getting injured. "Running only provides strength in one plain." ** Body weight might not be enough to win a Mr. Olympia contest, but body weight is great for getting healthy.

2.) Dean skips the powders, supplements, and vitamins, and instead gets all the nutrition he needs from his food.  ** If Dean Karnazes can run 100 miles in a single day without any supplements, we can probably put away the protein powder after hitting it for 30 minutes at the gym.

Race Report: Hopi 10k, via BarefootInArizona. This is a really cool first-hand account of a race, run by ancient people along ancient pathways, which very few "white men" have ever seen. The Hopi are a running people, always have been. And this story helps to understand why and how.

image from John McClung's Barefoot In Arizona blog.

If your happiness is based on always getting a little more than you've got..., by Seth Godin. If you want to be happy, truly happy, you have to come to terms with the fact that happiness doesn't come from a bigger car, a bigger vacation, or a new pair of shoes. You've got to get off the treadmill of always wanting the thing that's a little better than the one you've got. ** It took me 41 years to get off that treadmill, and life has been more enjoyable ever since.

I hope you found something in here that made your day, and your life, just a little bit better..

-Chris Butterworth