slow cooked chicken and black beans

slow cooked chicken and black beans

Have you ever had a meal that was so good you were sad when you were done eating?

We ate chicken with black beans and salsa the other night (slow cooked in a crockpot and shredded), and I ate to excess (and then some.) Then I brought leftovers to work today, and I was literally sad when my bowl was empty.

Photo courtesy of - it's not the exact same recipe we used, but it's pretty close (and unfortunately I didn't take a picture of ours before digging in!)

The big key here is portion control.

Doesn't matter why you like this meal so much, or what type of food it is - if you eat until you're absolutely stuffed (like I did the other night), you're taking a big step backwards on your road to healthy and weight loss.

Remember - the road to health and weight loss is filled with lots of little steps forward - mini victories, day after day after day. An overindulgence like this, while not the end of the world, could easily set you back a week or more against your goals.

Set yourself up with a fair portion on your plate or bowl, then eat. NO SECONDS. You can eat more tomorrow, and a couple days after that. You can freeze what's left and have it again in a couple weeks.

But eating it all in one sitting, no matter how tempting that may be, is not the right answer.

Be strong - eat healthy.

-Chris Butterworth