the after-dinner walk

the after-dinner walk

Autumn is almost here, and the evenings have been beautiful lately. I know this because we've been outside, strolling around the neighborhood after dinner. Shorter walks when the kids have homework to do; longer walks when time permits. Sometimes as a whole family; other times it'll be whoever's around the house.

Last night my wife had taken my younger son to soccer practice, so my older son and I got out of the house together. Heck, I even missed a good portion of Monday Night Football!

boy and girl walking dog
image courtesy of Microsoft's clipart - that isn't me!

And it was worth every minute.

Not only are we getting some Passive Fitness, but it's a great opportunity for quality time. No TV, no video games, no cell phones. Just walking, talking, and noticing things we don't usually have time to see.

This is something I wish everybody did. If more people got outside and walked, we'd get the double bonus of having a vibrant neighborhood with lots of people being outside together, in addition to being healthier.

-Chris Butterworth